Tibor Kokai

MSc, PhD, P.Eng. | Principal

Over the course of his career, Tibor has developed a reputation for technical excellence and creativity. He has focused on projects with significant technical challenges, developing office standards for design and production, as well as for R&D aspects of the profession. Tibor has specialized in the residential, commercial, and institutional sectors, working with world class architects from Canada and abroad, using a variety of codes and standards. His areas of expertise include: reinforced and post-tensioned concrete design, finite element analysis, advanced structural steel building systems, and seismic and dynamic analysis for tall and super-tall buildings.

Tibor holds a Master's degree in Structural Engineering and a Dr. Techn. from the Technical University of Budapest.
He co-authored the Concrete Design Handbook and he is a writer of the Foundations chapter and has been a member of the CSA A23.3 Design of Concrete Structures for nearly two decades, as well as a past member of the Standing Committee on Earthquake Design. He is also a member of The Canadian Academy of Engineering.

Tibor is also an intellectual property holder of a damper system for controlling the motion of tall and super-tall buildings for wind and earthquake excitation, called the viscoelastic coupling dampers or VCD-s.

He has numerous publications and presentations from his field.

Professional Affiliations

  • The Canadian Academy of Engineering
  • Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)
  • Technical committee on reinforced concrete design:  CSA A23.3-04 Design of Concrete Structures


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