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69th Street SW & Parkade Bridges

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  • 69th-Street-SW_station
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Calgary, AB
Building Structure Type:
Vehicular Bridge / Pedestrian Bridge
City of Calgary
SNC Lavalin / Graham Construction
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The 69th Street SW Bridge carries six lanes of traffic plus a sidewalk on each side over the 69th Street LRT Station platform, which is located approximately 10m below ground level. Both bridges are designed to support CL800 highway loading and the superstructures feature concrete barriers and 2.1m high security fences at the deck edges.

Construction of the 69th Street SW Bridge followed a multi-stage top-down construction sequence established by RJC and the design-build contractor. This staging started with the construction of bridge piles and abutments in advance of the excavation for the LRT trench. The trench was excavated in phases to four bench levels, with staged stressing of rock anchors that were drilled through the exposed piles. The rock anchors provided lateral support for the shotcrete facing used to retain the exposed soil face between the piles. The top down approach permitted construction of the bridge deck in two halves which allowed traffic flow on 69th Street SW to be maintained during construction.