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cSPACE King Edward School

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Calgary, AB
Building Structure Type:
cSPACE Projects
Nyhoff Architecture / Ferrari Westwood Babits Architects
Clark Builders
Number of Storeys:
47,500 sq. ft.
Practice areas

This ambitious $28M multi-use project involves the adaptive reuse of the 100 year-old historic sandstone King Edward School into a new 46,995 sq. ft. multi-purpose creative arts hub housing a variety of Calgary arts groups, and non-profit community organizations, as well as a real estate development that ranges from luxury condos to more affordable artist studios, to seniors housing. The Arts Hub features three distinct areas: the Creative Commons for production, rehearsal and creative spaces; the Learning Commons, home to workshop spaces, meeting rooms and business services; and the Community Commons, featuring outdoor spaces for open air events. Existing classroom spaces were repurposed to become new incubator spaces for artists in the community. A new elevator, feature stairway and mechanical and electrical systems were integrated into the structure to bring the existing building up to modern day standards. One of the most defining elements of this project included the addition of a new 4-storey steel and glass theatre and office space in place of the original west wing of the building that was previously removed. Original features of the historic boiler plates were also highlighted in the new spaces by using glass exhibit boxes set into the floors of the building.

LEED® Gold certified

Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Award, Category A  |  National Trust for Canada  |  2018
Urban Architecture  Mayor's Urban Design Awards (MUDA)  |  2017
Approved or Adopted Urban Design Plans  |  Mayor's Urban Design Awards (MUDA)  |  2013

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