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Crombie Portfolio Building Condition Assessment

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Various Locations
Building Structure Type:
Retail / Shopping Centre
Manulife Real Estate
856,416 sq. ft. (total buildings)
This Building Condition Assessment (BCA) portfolio consists of a 10-year horizon with a $5,000 threshold for Manulife's retail portfolio. The portfolio includes 12 properties across Ontario and Quebec and total over 800,000 sq.ft. As prime consultants, RJC was required to schedule and arrange each of the 12 site visits ensuring access is granted when scheduled visits are arranged. With any large condition assessment and cost planning exercise that involves multiple sites and buildings, a realistic schedule and open communication was crucial in accomplishing the work without overwhelming the site staff. Managing a team of professionals and their respective work load commitments had inherent challenges that took pre-planning before the condition assessments were undertaken. Each team member had to be capable of providing their input into the cost estimates and reports within the time allotted.