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Edmonton City Centre East Parkade Suicide Prevention Barriers

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Edmonton, AB
Building Structure Type:
Parking Facility
Oxford Properties Group
CWP Constructors Ltd.
30,000 sq. ft.
Practice areas

Creativity in design is a guiding principle at RJC. As a firm we continuously encourage our people to undertake challenging and atypical projects in order to help our clients solve unique issues that may arise with their buildings, structures and facilities.

It is with this creative approach to problem solving that enabled RJC to deliver an innovative design solution to Oxford Properties Group, when they engaged RJC to try to find a solution to reducing the number of suicides off the roof-level perimeter and central spiral ramp of the  Edmonton City Centre East parkade.

The design concept of the parkade perimeter is intended to mimic the appearance of a densely wooded forest, making it appear impenetrable and difficult to climb through or over.

The descending spiral design concept is primarily a psychological deterrent created by obstructing clear views of the ground below.

The success of the project demonstrates the ability to deliver an aesthetically-pleasing, yet effective and practical solution to such a complex and sensitive issue.


  •   Pinnacle Award for Innovation  |  BOMA Edmonton Awards  |  2018

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