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Hanson Memorial Garage Barrier Investigation

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Kingston, ON
Building Structure Type:
Parking Facility
City of Kingston
T.A. Andre and Sons Ltd.
96,000 sq. ft.

Acting as Prime Consultant and Structural Engineer, RJC Engineers was engaged by the City of Kingston for the investigation, rehabilitation and repair of the Hanson Memorial parking garage.

The parking garage is a ten split-level stand-alone parking structure originally constructed in 1967 with additional levels built in 1980. The 96,000 sq. ft. parking structure provides right-angle parking for approximately 272 vehicles. The structural system of this garage is comprised of structural steel framing with cast-in-place concrete slabs and foundations.

RJC’s Kingston Building Science and Restoration team is implementing a 15-year capital plan to address the current deterioration at the parkade. The rehabilitation program includes localized repair of all corrosion-related and vertical concrete deterioration on the suspended slabs, repair of asphalt pavements and masonry concrete block walls and new waterproofing and repainting. This project is currently ongoing with RJC responsible for tendering the project to a variety of qualified contractors, performing the contract administration and reviewing of activity throughout construction.