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Marguerite Ford Apartments

  • Marguerite-Ford-Apartments_exterior
  • Marguerite-Ford-Apartments_courtyard view
  • Marguerite-Ford-Apartments_side
  • Marguerite-Ford-Apartments_rooftop
Vancouver, BC
Building Structure Type:
BC Housing / Sanford Housing Society
DYS Architecture
Ledcor Construction
Number of Storeys:
6 and 11

This residential development is part of Vancouver's Homelessness Initiative.  It includes 147 units of housing; a six-storey building with a greened roof deck; and an 11-storey tower. It is designed to target LEED® Gold certification.

With durability in mind, this building was designed with a 100 year life expectancy for materials and building structures. A building durability plan was created and detailed to address quality of design and installation of building components, as well as lay out future maintenance requirements to ensure a long-lasting building. Finally, the building envelope was commissioned to ensure the achievement of durability, energy and performance integrity.