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Pacific Centre Holt Renfrew Expansion

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Vancouver, BC
Building Structure Type:
Retail / Shopping Centre
Holt Renfrew Inc.
IBI Group Inc.
Govan Brown Ltd.
Number of Storeys:
Phase one – 50,000 sq. ft.
Having been involved in Holt Renfrew’s move and major renovation back in 2006, RJC was recalled for their 2014 renovation. Having previous experience with the original renovation and good record keeping systems assisted our team in early planning and understanding the existing building structure and its limitations. RJC had a dual role in this project acting as both the structural engineer for the tenant improvement and as the landlord’s base building structural consultant. 

Extensive structural work was provided on the building’s façade to highlight the new retail entrance and inside, major structured steel and concrete renovation work was performed to suit the escalator design and featured atrium opening. Keeping in mind the modern aesthetic goals of the client, structural engineering was provided for several featured architectural items.