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Park Square Apartments Pedway Bridge Restoration

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Edmonton, AB
Building Structure Type:
Pedway / +15
Realstar Management Limited
PCL Construction Management
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The pedway servicing the nearby tower was suffering from corrosion induced distress of the concrete and steel structure. RJC’s structural repair program incorporated numerous measures to maximize service life and future durability; including corrosion-inhibiting concrete admixtures and cementing materials, heavier-gage galvanized deck coatings, application of protective coatings to metal decking and structural steel members, improved drainage systems and surface slopes, and installation of a new waterproof membrane and expansion joints. Localized repairs included reinforcement of support connections for structural steel support members and precast wall panels, concrete delamination repairs and replacement of deteriorated concrete upstand walls.

The $1.2M project was completed in two phases during the 2011 construction season in order to maintain pedestrian access. The work was performed within the Owner’s schedule and budget requirements, permitting inclusion of additional work.