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Rideau Centre Red Garage Redevelopment

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Ottawa, ON
Building Structure Type:
Parking Facility
Material Type:
Citipark Inc.
IBI Group
Ellis Don
Number of Storeys:
This six-storey parking structure, servicing a busy metropolitan core and premier shopping centre, had surpassed its effective service life following over 40 years of operation. Advanced levels of corrosion related deterioration of the structural elements and a functional, albeit unassuming design earmarked this structure for redevelopment and rejuvenation. Following the complete dismantling of the original precast structure, the design team created a new vision for a 4-level (with capability for 2 additional levels), parking facility founded on functionality, durability, future growth, and aesthetic value. The aggressive 10-month demolition to resurrection construction schedule hinged on a strong Consultant-Client-Contractor relationship committed to open lines of communication in order to realize the client's goal of an operational parking garage leading up to the busy holiday shopping season.