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Skyrise on Yonge Wholesale Sealant Replacement

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Toronto, ON
YRCC 818
Bowie Contracting Ltd.
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Skyrise on Yonge is a condominium complex comprised of two, 19-storey residential towers with a total of 412 units. Built in the early 1990s, the two towers are made of reinforced cast-in-place concrete construction. The exterior walls consist of cast-in-place concrete covered with a stucco finish and a combination of strip and punched windows. The residential development had experienced localized leakage around the window systems for several years and engaged RJC to assess and identify possible repair strategies to address the leaking windows.

RJC determined that the existing sealants around and within these systems were experiencing age related deterioration, but it was concluded that because the glazing units and framing were in fair condition, total replacement of these assets would be premature. The project involved the replacement of existing polyurethane sealants with new silicone sealants. New sealants are less prone to UV degradation and more suitable for specific weather conditions of the area. Special care was required to protect the existing paint on the window frames which was unique and easily damaged.

RJC’s sealant replacement solution allowed for the replacement of the glazing at a reasonable capital cost, whereby, the Condominium Corporation was able to accommodate the project’s overall cost, while still remaining adequately funded and without the need of a special assessment.