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The CORE Skylight and Glass Bridge

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Calgary, AB
Building Structure Type:
Retail / Shopping Centre
20 Vic
MMC Architects
Ellis Don

John Kooymans was the Project Executive and lead designer for The CORE's $141 million renovation project*. One of the feature elements is an impressive skylight that continuously spans the three blocks covered by the mall without visible expansion joints. Shaped as a barrel vault, and spanning 750 ft long and 86 ft wide, the skylight is hung from 95 tubular steel arches by stainless steel spider fittings with glass suspended below. This design solution effectively maximizes sightlines and visibility by minimizing visible structure. Comprised of more than 1800 insulating glass units, the glass roof covers an area of approximately 70 000 sq. ft., making it one the largest continuous skylights in North America. 

*Project was completed while employed at another firm.