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University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine Clinical Skills Building

  • UofC Vet Medicine Clinical Skills Building
  • UofC Vet Medicine Clinical Skills Bldg_cooridor
  • UofC Vet Medicine Clinical Skills Bldg_Interior seating
  • UofC Vet Medicine Clinical Skills Bldg_Interior rear
Calgary, AB
Building Structure Type:
University of Calgary
GEC Architecture
Stuart Olson Construction
80,000 sq. ft.
Practice areas

The Clinical Skills Building is an essential part of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The building contains medical examination and animal handling areas, pathology facilities, anatomy laboratories, and surgical suites - with each wing designed for a specific purpose.

Meticulously designed around operations and safety for students, staff and animals, the complex clinical spaces are housed in an economical structural building shell. The ward areas of the building were designed to meet the stringent durability requirements to withstand potential damage from large animals and rigorous cleaning requirements. The structure consists of integrated concrete block, cast-in-place concrete and galvanized structural steel.

To meet the ambitious construction timeline, the design, procurement and construction of the building structure were accelerated prior to the design of the interiors, mechanical, and electrical systems; the acceleration was aptly dubbed “hyper-tracking.”

LEED® Gold certified