Under ground Parking deck

Traffic Deck Coatings (TDCs) are pivotal in extending the lifespan of our concrete structures. These coatings not only enhance aesthetics but also provide protection against environmental and mechanical wear.  

However, achieving optimal performance requires a meticulous approach throughout its lifecycle. This guide offers a comprehensive look into the nuances of TDCs, ensuring professionals achieve best-in-class results when considering the factors we outline. 

Zero Carbon Emissions Concept - Unpacking the New BC Energy Step Code: A Step Towards Zero Carbon Emissions

The BC Energy Step Code represents a critical shift in the way we approach construction, setting a roadmap for building practices where energy efficiency becomes the top priority. The recent refresh of the BC Energy Step Code (BCESC) and the introduction of the Zero Carbon Step Code are more than just updates to the existing building code. They are part of an overarching strategy to shape a future where all new buildings are zero carbon by 2030.

Nanaimo’s real estate market
Nanaimo, British Columbia, is emerging as one of Canada's most opportune real estate regions. In recent years, the scenic "Harbour City" has recorded an upswing in real estate market growth and activity that continues to attract investors, builders, and industry watchers alike.