St. Patrick's Island Redevelopment

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Description RJC was the structural engineer for the redevelopment of St. Patrick’s Island, a 31-acre master-planned recreational area.

To revitalize and re-envision the use of St. Patrick’s Island, following a master planning process Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) selected New York based W Architecture and Denver based Civitas to deliver the vision for St. Patrick’s Island.

The project includes 500m² of elevated boardwalk and water crossings along the ‘Lowland Channel’, a seasonal riparian wetland, providing visitors with no-impact access to the wetland and forest.

Confluence Plaza, a gathering place for events with a 500m² glulam canopy pavilion that will host performances through the summer.

There is also a storage and washroom building with a green roof and cladding composed of wood repurposed from deconstructed pedestrian bridges.RJC was involved in the design of the Elevated Breach Crossing, the Low Water Crossing, the Transect, the washroom and storage building, and the Glulam pavilion canopy structure.

The Glulam pavilion was jointly designed with New York based Guy Nordenson & Associates.

Project Specifications

Calgary, AB

Building Structure Type
Pedestrian Bridge

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC)

W Architecture / Civitas

Marmot Concrete

Service Areas

Practice Areas

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