Dan Gao

BEng., P.Eng. | Associate

Dan's varied background in technological, engineering, and creative projects brings a broad knowledge set to address complex issues in practical ways. A technical leader among colleagues and clients, he shares new discoveries and explains complicated concepts to help others understand and learn. Combined with a calm, collaborative approach, he develops the right solution for the project team. Dan is always curious and continuously seeks to improve processes or design approaches.

His passion and talent for betterment have led Dan to join numerous company innovation groups which keep RJC at the forefront of technical and technological progress in the industry. His leadership in this area means that his projects consistently utilize the most efficient, advanced techniques available, typically involving a mix of programming, visual design, communications, and process excellence. He has led a multitude of varied projects such as the post-disaster, mixed-use fire station, office, and affordable housing project at 1025 Johnson Street in Victoria, the structural steel Nanaimo Courtyard Marriott Hotel, and complex cable-supported structures such as the WildPlay adventure courses in Niagara Falls and Jones Beach in the United States.

Dan completed his Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Victoria and joined RJC as part of the drafting team before transitioning into professional structural engineering and corporate process improvements. He is Chair of the SEABC Vancouver Island group.

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