Two hundred and thirteen submissions were received for this year’s awards program, with the jury selecting five projects for Awards of Excellence, six projects for Awards of Merit, and two projects for Student Awards of Excellence.

Two of RJC’s projects received awards: UBC Gateway received an Award of Excellence, and the Toronto Paramedic Services Multifunction Paramedic Station received an Award of Merit. 

Congrats to all the team members across RJC for being a part of the Read ‘Mos’ Christoffersen team to raise funds for men’s health. RJC Team Captains – Scott Laing, Ryan Coles, Mark Felt, Evan Cambridge, Frederic Brunet, Connor Ferster and John MacIntyre – helped to guide all team members in growing their best moustaches and fundraising. Together, the team raised almost $13,000!

The Indigenous Peoples Experience at Fort Edmonton Park will be awarded an international Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Thea Award. RJC is the structural engineer.