This year marks the retirement of RJC Engineers’ (RJC) former Managing Director Doug Clark. Throughout his forty-five year career, Doug was a part of tremendous change and growth not only within the firm, but throughout the industry as well. RJC wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to Doug and his illustrious career at RJC.

After graduating from BCIT, Doug interviewed with one of RJC’s founders, Peter Jones, and officially began his career at RJC (formerly Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.) in 1974 as a field supervisor. With his sights set on becoming an engineer, Doug decided to continue his education while working.

“I badly wanted “P.Eng.” after my name, but I was enjoying my steady income and didn’t want to give it up and go to university to further my education. I learned of APEBC’s Non-university Engineering Pupil program whereby I could study on my own for courses that followed UBC’s curriculum and write a few exams each year. Over a period of 11 years, I completed the equivalent of four years’ of UBC courses and got my iron ring.”

Doug became a Principal in 1991 when the firm’s staff count was only 100 nation-wide. At the time, RJC’s restoration practice was fairly well established and the building science practice (BSR) was in its infancy. One of Doug’s most notable accomplishments would be to grow the Vancouver BSR team from its inception with the help of other senior engineers. Today there are approximately 550 staff, 35% of which work in BSR.

Prior to 2005, Doug worked with the President at the time, Norm Webster, on such HR initiatives as the implementation of RJC’s first performance review program.

“I have always tried to take good care of our staff, which is at the core of RJC’s culture, and that was part of it.”

Doug was appointed Managing Director of RJC in 2006 and served in that role till 2016, during which time the firm doubled in size by several measures.

“I credit the growth of the firm to the support of many individuals and my role was to merely keep everyone pulling in the same direction.”

Doug has been an integral part of RJC for nearly half a century. His contributions will always be valued and remembered. His hard work, commitment and dedication are worthy of admiration. RJC wishes Doug all the very best in the future; he will be greatly missed.