Renowned for his glass expertise and ability to achieve the most ambitious designs with glass, John Kooymans has recently taken a new role – Guest Editor. John is a part of the editorial board for Glass Structures and Engineering Journal, but this month, he’s also a guest editor.

John a renowned engineer with over 30 years of experience in building design. He leads RJC's Structural Glass and Façade Engineering group, delivering excellence in structural glass systems, bridges and stairs. A visionary with boundless creativity, John has created some of the most extraordinary glass structures in North America and beyond. His expertise and the global respect is given is evident in his work as part of the editor review board for Glass Structures & Engineering Journal.

Glass Structures & Engineering Journal provides an international forum for presentation and discussion of developments in structural glass research and their practical applications, offering a holistic approach to research, construction and engineering. Presenting review papers, technical notes, discussions, case studies and letters, the journal benefits researchers as well as designers and manufacturers of structural glass. 

Volume 6, Issue 3, focuses on ‘Projects and Case Studies. For his introduction, John shares that “Glass engineering is a very unique field of study. A great deal has been learned over the past half century by experimenting and building with glass as a structural element. It has become a hotbed for research through testing, modelling, and constructing. In many cases, the industry has been tested the most when building something unique. These creations require a great deal of industry collaboration, modelling, and in most cases, testing of components. Many lessons are learned during the design and construction processes, and then during the performance of the system/design over the next several decades of service in the completed state. For this reason, sharing of case studies amongst professionals is extremely important. In order for glass to be used effectively as a structural material in the construction industry, advancements must continue to be made, and what better way than through actual examples of its use throughout the world.”

John is joined as guest editor by Steffan Feirbend of Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany, and Graham Coult of Eckersley O’Callaghan, London, UK. Read their complete forward for the Journal here >