Jonathan Rebelo received the 2020 Barrie Sarjeant Award in recognition of his outstanding presentation on the City of Toronto's Shelter Renovation Portfolio Project. RJC is the Prime Consultant for the Shelter Renovation Project, a collection of projects to convert existing buildings into renovated shelter and support housing.

Barrie Sarjeant and Ron Mazza, former RJC Principals, started the Barrie Sarjeant Award competition to showcase excellence in our work, and more importantly, to encourage the dissemination of new and creative ideas. The internal competition includes selected presenters from RJC, presenting on a wide variety of project types and practice areas.

This year's competition was virtual and the theme was “The Whole Nine Yards”. Selected to present were Caleb Goertz, Kyle Fenton, Annelise Loczy, Michael Fowlie and Jonathan Rebelo. All presenters were engaging, informative and not afraid to throw in a little humour!