RJC Principal Grant Newfield is recognized as one of Construction’s Most Influential People of 2024 by SiteNews.

"Instead of doing things the way they have always been done, Newfield and RJC have been instrumental in pushing the science of construction forward,” said SiteNews editor Russell Hixson

“Newfield himself has made significant contributions to how we understand and use wood technology in Canada. As we see provinces like BC and Ontario move towards taller wood buildings, it is thanks to tall wood champions like him."

On a hunt for construction’s most powerful influencers in Canada, SiteNews casts a wide net across all sectors to find individuals with an outstanding impact. Nominees for the Construction’s Most Influential People list can be any age and in any position. The only requirement is making the construction industry better, faster, and stronger.

This year’s roundup of winners is a group of 50 bright engineers, CEOs and team leaders from across the country who have tackled some of construction’s biggest challenges.

Championing innovations in wood design and mass timber systems, Newfield has pushed the limits of traditional wood-framed structures. Some of his standout projects include the GNW Pavilion, a Vancouver-based structure shaped like a lotus flower, and the development of a guide for a 12-storey Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) shear wall system in Canada.

GNW Pavilion Grant Newfield

“I am thrilled and humbled to be recognized,” said Newfield. “In more than three decades with RJC, I have seen many complex projects from early construction to opening day, while sharing key learnings and solutions by authoring guides for the engineering community.”

Newfield is a member of the BC Advisory Group on Advanced Wood Design Solutions, co-authoring guidelines to support code changes in favour of increasing storey limits for buildings in the province.

He has also given numerous presentations and provided support for Michael Greens Tall Wood Study, FPInnovations CLT Guideline and the Tall Wood Guideline.

“This award is such an exciting way to celebrate all the great milestones my colleagues at RJC have always empowered me to achieve.”