RJC Engineers (RJC) accepts the Award of Excellence for the category of Projects Innovated or Converted using Steel at the CISC Ontario Steel Design Awards. The Awards recognize Ontario’s leaders in steel innovation, who contribute to the success of Canada’s steel industry.

RJC’s winning project, CF Toronto Eaton Centre Pedestrian Bridge is a stunning addition to the landmark Eaton Centre. The project involved replacing an existing pedestrian bridge connecting the Hudson Bay building to the Eaton Centre, elevated over Queen Street. To minimize the impact on Queen Street, the bridge was built on a side street, including the glazing panels, and then driven around the corner and hoisted into position. The erection of the glass panels was simplified by applying the silicone between the metal pressure cap and the glass on site; this allowed for additional tolerances and ensured that the glass was not forced into position. This also allowed more flexibility for the glass panels during transportation of the bridge.

The new 100 foot-long bridge is clad in bent glass and warped bronze panels with a steel spine concealed in the floor assembly. The shape of the enclosure transitions from rectangular at one end to a decagon that matches the existing Hudson Bay entrance at the other end. The result is a twisting helical form that surrounds the occupants in glass and blurs the line between vertical and horizontal. RJC is honored to be the structural engineers on this stunning project.

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