Since 2009, RJC staff members, friends, clients, and contractors have gathered in BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec to form Team RJC – a group of experienced and amateur cyclists dedicated to participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. We ride for our family members, friends, and coworkers who have been, or currently are, battling cancer, and to raise as much money as we can to support the provincial foundations that fund research and caregiving for cancer patients.  2015 marks Team RJC’s 7th year riding. It has been dubbed “The Million Dollar Year”, recognizing the efforts of so many that have supported TEAM RJC in raising over $1 000 000 since those first days in 2009.

Team RJC was initiated by RJC Vancouver’s Warren Willows.  What started as a great idea to bring people together soon turned into a poignant reminder of the importance of this event as Rick Banman, an Associate with RJC, was diagnosed with cancer and ultimately lost his battle that same year.  That first Ride in 2009 was dubbed “The Ride for Rick”, and each subsequent Ride has been expanded to be “The Ride to Remember” as we pay homage to all those people that fight their own battles.

ride million dollar year aug7

The 2015 Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer completed in June, while the Alberta and BC rides took place in August.  To all those people and companies that have supported TEAM RJC through the years, we thank you!  This cause is very close to RJC and we appreciate every ounce of support.  

If you would like to support TEAM RJC, or even join us in future events, please click here. Together you can help us work toward that second million dollars!

For more information on the cancer foundations across Canada that are supported by the Ride to Conquer Cancer, click below:
BC Cancer Foundation
Alberta Cancer Foundation
Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation