Team RJC participated in the Tour Alberta for Cancer and the BC Tour de Cure this summer, raising over $125,000.

The Tour Alberta for Cancer was a challenging two-day event with riders covering over 200km. Team RJC was in the top twenty teams in this event, raising $35,415. Darla Steers was in the Top 15 for individual fundraisers. Kevin Zwagstraa was the Team Captain, joined by team members Annelise Loczy, Stacey McDougall, Robbe Drugmand, Darla Steers, and Roger Steers.

Tour de Cure 2022 A

The Tour de Cure in British Columbia was a one-day event on August 27th with more than 1,100 riders. RJC is an official event sponsor. Team RJC finished in the top 12 teams for fundraising with $93,280. Team Captain Roger Steers was in the top ten for individual fundraisers. Team members are Darla Steers, Doug Vicic, Amy Scott, Martin de Guzman, Joulene Botha, Gerhard Botha, Johnathan Burke, Andy Metten, Hardeep Gill, Nicole Babuik, Celso Stifelmann, and Milan Benacka.

Tour de Cure 2022 B

For over a decade, RJC has participated as part of these and similar rides, raising almost $2,000,000 for Cancer Foundations across Canada. Funds raised support leading clinicians, scientists, and researchers whose search for new discoveries and improved patient outcomes will have a real impact in communities across Canada, and around the world.