Calgary Zoo - Dinny the Dinosaur Restoration

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"Dinny" is the Calgary Zoo's cherished brontosaurus statue who has been a part of the Calgary story since 1935.

Designed and built in 1935 by Finnish-born artist John Kanerya, this 1/56 sculpture was originally part of the Zoo's Natural History Park.Dinny was the official the symbol of the Calgary Zoo from 1959-1975, and was also commonly known as the symbol of Calgary.

Dinny was declared a Registered Historic Resource by the province of Alberta in 1987, which was the last time he was restored.

When Dinny began to show significant signs of deterioration the Zoo became concerned.

RJC provided a structural assessment and a plan for repair.Given his size - 11m tall and 36 m long - and the lack of information on his composition, RJC used a combination of x-ray, physical review, and radiographic scanning to map out his structure.

We don't want to give all of his secrets away, but we found he needed some structural reinforcing which has been completed, and now he is hoping that with the generosity of the community that his skin can have a fresh new coat!

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