Delta Grand Okanagan Lagoon Liner Replacement

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The existing PVC membrane in the Delta Lagoon called for a replacement owing to age and mechanical damage.

To address water losses through the compromised membrane, the replacement was required to reduce the pumping required to maintain water level.RJC was retained to provide Prime Consulting and Design services to replace the existing membrane and a phased approach was developed.

The first phase, membrane replacement in the Rhapsody Fountain area was undertaken and successfully delivered in collaboration with the contractor.

A 2.0mm thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membrane was installed over approximately 37,670 sq. ft. of the lagoon bottom in the Rhapsody Fountain area.

Liquefiable soils were encountered during the membrane replacement which required extensive subgrade remediation.These soil conditions also caused issues with the adjacent retaining walls, requiring that the walls be reinforced with additional subgrade work.

The project was completed on-schedule and collaborative solutions were found to address the site issues without adversely impacting schedule or budget.

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Kelowna, BC

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Hotel or Resort

Delta Grand Okanagan

Pacific Aquascapes Inc.

Acres Enterprises ltd.

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