MiKai'sto Red Crow Community College

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Located on the Blood Reserve, one of the largest reserves in Canada, MiKai’sto Red Crow Community College provides a new learning space for community members to share their knowledge and learn about Blackfoot culture and language.

In addition to the educational opportunities the college provides, it is also a way to preserve Blackfoot culture and nurture the connection between young adults and community Elders.

The focal point of the expansion is the atrium which provides a gathering space that showcases many pieces of Indigenous artwork.

The space features a unique lattice ceiling and is supported by glulam columns that split towards the ceiling, emulating the branching of a tree.

Collaboration was key in the development of this space.

The project team worked closely with community members – from design to construction – to ensure the structure could serve as both a post-secondary institution and as a multi-purpose gathering space.

Project Specifications

Stand Off

Building Structure Type
Post Secondary / First Nations/Indigenous

Red Crow Community College

Kasian Architecture

Clark Builders

Service Areas

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