Pearl Block - 2910 Shelbourne Street

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Pearl Block is a collection of six thoughtfully designed three-storey townhomes in the established Oaklands neighbourhood of Victoria.

Situated on a challenging triangular lot that had been vacant for close to 65 years, Pearl Block is the epitome of creative infill development.

Designed by D'Arcy Jones Architects, the building's layout is informed by the unique constraints of the lot.

RJC responded to the challenge, configuring a structure which enabled architectural expression through cambered steel construction on the second floor, allowing large cantilevers and garage space, and supporting sensitive cladding materials on the upper floors.

We developed a foundation system that compensated for building weight, on a site with compressible soils and high seismic loads.The building enclosure strategy utilized simple yet economical assemblies canvased on a complex building form.

The collaboration with DJA and ARYZE was fun, and the results speak for themselves.

Project Specifications

Victoria, BC

Building Structure Type
Residential / Low-Rise

D'Arcy Jones Architects

Aryze Developments

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