Portland Park Village - Roof Replacement and Reserve Fund Studies

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Portland Park Village is a condominium complex comprised of a 9-storey mid-rise building and four 3-storey townhouse blocks for a total of 118 individual units.

A two-level underground parking garage and one grade level parking lot form part of the site.The existing terrace roofing systems were approximately 15 years old and experiencing pre-mature deterioration as a result of original material selection and quality of workmanship.

Localized leakage noted through the block of townhouses impacting usability of interior spaces and creating potential for concealed deterioration of the wood framed structure.

RJC was engaged to design and manage this complex roof replacement project, while working within a fully occupied residential development.

As a result of the wood framed construction, a flameless solution was selected for this project.An inverted cold-applied 2-ply modified bitumen membrane system was utilized over a new plywood roof deck.The new roofing system specified a dedicated drainage layer both below the pavers and directly above the membrane as a long-term drainage solution.

The dual drainage layers will greatly reduce potential for standing water, which has been shown to reduce life expectancy of roofing systems.

Project Specifications

Toronto, ON

Building Structure Type

Metro Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 1371

Viana Roofing and Sheetmetal Ltd.

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