Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

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Every element of Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge is a testament to creative structural engineering.

Underneath North America’s largest single wood roof, and fitting seamlessly within a distinctly curved footprint, the facility hosts an extensive program that includes ice rinks, aquatic pools, gymnasiums, a fitness centre, an elevated running track, a Calgary Public Library branch, a theatre and a studio space.

Rocky Ridge is surrounded by natural wetlands near Calgary’s highest natural elevation point, and Alberta’s rolling foothills are the inspiration for the design reflected in the truly unique, 186,000 sq. ft. rolling roof structure.

To meet the challenge of creating this complex architectural form within budget, RJC devised a structural roof layout based on one common beam shape.

Defining a flowing roof with a single shape allowed for repetition in design, fabrication and erection and was vital for the project’s success.

Ultimately, this allowed the design team to utilize regular elements to create the geometry of an irregular and complex form; a form that serves an imperative structural function but also provides a highly aesthetic interior finish and a dramatic exterior expression.

Project Specifications

Calgary, AB

Building Structure Type
Recreation/Community Centre / Theatre/Performing Arts / Swimming Pool

The City of Calgary

GEC Architecture

PCL Construction Management

Service Areas

Practice Areas

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