South Surrey Operations Centre

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The City needed the Operations Centre to be flexible for future change and expansion.

RJC designed the building’s gravity and lateral systems to accommodate a future upper-floor expansion at the east end of the building.Loadbearing masonry walls typify the main level of the building, they were primarily chosen for economy and durability.

The upper level has long floor spans in excess of 8m, to achieve these spans and for economy a ComSlab floor system was chosen.

At the west end, the entire upper-level of the building cantilevers a staggering 7m beyond the main level.

Storey-deep structural steel trusses on the north and south elevations were conceived in collaboration with the Architect, and these exposed trusses cantilever the 8m to support both the upper floor and the roof.The roof itself is a hybrid structure comprised of steel beams and nail-laminated-timber (NLT) panels.

Left exposed these wood panels have a positive effect on the building occupants.

Project Specifications

Surrey, BC

Building Structure Type
Office / Industrial / Fire Station/Emergency Ops / Public Sector

City of Surrey

Carscadden Stokes McDonald Architects Inc.

Graham Construction

Service Areas

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