Construction Services Coordinator

Dustin works closely with contractors to offer RJC's construction engineering services, such as formwork and false-work, shoring and reshoring, load reviews, coring/opening reviews, planning/value engineering for project scheduling, structural assessment/upgrading for additional loads, on site Quality Assurance services, etc. He also manages a group of talented field representatives who work with owners, architects and contractors to review that what is constructed meets the intent of the engineering design. An active volunteer and vested in the industry, Dustin is a well-known and valued member of the construction industry.

Project Engineer

Julia is a project engineer with RJC's Vancouver office. She is a strong communicator, team player and tenacious employee who also happens to have cerebral palsy, a breakdown in the neural pathways that can affect speech and movement. In Julia's case, cerebral palsy affects the right side of her body; she doesn't have proper use of her hand and walks with a limp She has adapted how she works to fulfill her role, including being on construction sites. Hesitant at first, Julia thought she would spend most of her career in an office. She has since learned to overcome her challenges and is the lead design engineer on the prominent St. Andrew's Wesley restoration project. She now spends half her time on site.

Deciding on what career to pursue when you have a disability is difficult. Start by finding some aspect of life you find interesting, and you will find people and companies that will make a place for you in their workforce.