RJC Aspire

Developed in-house by our team of experts, RJC Aspire is a comprehensive solution designed to support carbon-conscious building design.

Holistic Carbon Analysis

In our quest to further evolve as a leading carbon reduction firm, RJC has developed an in-house carbon calculator, RJC Aspire. This innovative tool empowers our clients to explore sustainable building design possibilities from the predesign stage.

Unlike traditional tools that focus solely on operational carbon, RJC Aspire will adopt a holistic approach by considering both embodied and operational carbon emissions. This comprehensive analysis facilitates a significant reduction in the overall carbon footprint of buildings. The operational carbon component of the tool has already demonstrated success with clients, and we are currently in the process of integrating embodied carbon calculations to create an all-encompassing carbon assessment tool.

By harnessing the power of data-driven analysis during the concept stage, RJC Aspire enables teams to make carbon conscious choices early - when they have the greatest impact.

Collaborative Workflow

RJC Aspire is a user-friendly solution that delivers rapid estimates from minimal inputs. Customizing this parametric tool for a specific project takes only minutes, and it provides quick, real-time feedback. This process can be conducted during working meetings with the design team or in more extensive workshops with client involvement.

Achieving Targets 

Considering the current housing crisis, this tool is focused on Part 3 residential buildings, and can be used for new construction or retrofits. RJC Aspire reduces the ambiguity of early stages, offering a fast and efficient way for teams to gauge whether their concepts align with their carbon goals. Clients benefit from a user-friendly, intuitive tool that verifies whether a proposed design meets required building performance targets and helps optimize the design to even higher levels of performance.


Early Stage Intervention

Assessing a project’s carbon footprint during the predesign stage sets the course for successfully achieving carbon goals. Based on the physics of building science, RJC Aspire is a parametric tool that empowers design teams to make informed decisions, intelligently reducing the project’s carbon footprint from the outset. Aspire to build better.

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