The Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) announced the launch of seven Knowledge Hubs across Canada, totalling $3M in funding. The Hubs will advance the role of both Indigenous and Western ways of knowing, doing and being in evidence-based decision-making to support the health and resilience of mountain people and places. With the launch of these Hubs, 50% of the total funds support Indigenous-led research.

Stephen Kwan received the 2021 Barrie Sarjeant Award for his presentation “Lockdown: Air Barriers and Thermal Bridging – The evolving practice of enclosure consultants’. His presentation talked about climate change, the energy use of buildings, the nation-wide shift to performance based codes and what this all means for enclosure consultants.

RJC volunteers helped HeroWork renovate the commercial kitchen and dormitories at the Victoria Salvation Army Addiction and Recovery Centre. HeroWork is a charity organization that helps facilitate engaging the community to complete transformative renovations for charity buildings.