Roofs & Plaza Decks repair and replacement

Your building’s roof may be largely out of sight, but its design, construction, and maintenance are critical to your building’s operation. Is it time for a localized roof repair sufficient or is a more widespread replacement necessary? We’ll help you determine the best way forward.

Quality roof consultation

RJC has been providing roof consulting for commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential clients throughout North America. Our team actively participates in the roofing community through Canadian provincial roofing associations and consultant institutes such as RCI, Inc.

Registered Roof Professionals

RJC has Registered Roof Consultants (RRCs) and Registered Roof Observers (RROs) across the firm. Registered Roof Consultants have industry wide knowledge of materials performance and design requirements. They are knowledgeable on every facet of the roof construction process. Registered Roof Observers provide quality assurance, monitoring the construction process to help roofing projects stay in compliance with approved construction drawings, specifications and best practice or warranty stipulated installation procedures.

We oversee new and roofing restoration projects of all sizes, from a few to many thousand square feet.