In 2024, RJC Engineers is gearing up to redefine what's possible in Canadian engineering and architecture. With an eye on the future, RJC is ready to roll out a series of developments that blend bold engineering with smart design.  

For us, it isn't just about finishing projects; it's about setting new benchmarks for technology and sustainability. Here are the innovative projects set to do just that by the end of the year.  

Toronto City Skyline

In sustainable building construction, a critical factor often goes unnoticed: embodied carbon. Let's explore the significance of this silent emissions contributor and understand why it's crucial for global climate goals. 

Under ground Parking deck

Traffic Deck Coatings (TDCs) are pivotal in extending the lifespan of our concrete structures. These coatings not only enhance aesthetics but also provide protection against environmental and mechanical wear.  

However, achieving optimal performance requires a meticulous approach throughout its lifecycle. This guide offers a comprehensive look into the nuances of TDCs, ensuring professionals achieve best-in-class results when considering the factors we outline.