Conserving heritage properties

Heritage properties are not only a window into the past, they are part of our country’s character. Conserving your historic structure or building is a means of preserving Canada’s unique history. Over decades, we have developed an understanding of historic construction practices and how to navigate heritage building legislation, combined with our expertise with building science and structural engineering.

Preserving our past

RJC’s specialists are able to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders and offer creative, economic, and practical solutions to address your historic building needs.

We are very familiar with the various materials used in the construction of Canada's historic structures, and have expertise with the appropriate materials and techniques for proper restoration. We understand how materials age in Canada's climatic conditions, and how to salvage, conserve, and rehabilitate historic materials. Our people apply this knowledge to assess the condition of your building, develop cost-effective conservation programs, and preserve the heritage fabric.

RJC'S  experience includes the restoration of a number of Canada’s oldest and most celebrated buildings.