RJC's promise of "Creative Thinking Practical Results" was the underlying philosophy of our founders John Read, Peter Jones, and Per Christoffersen. This decades-long philosophy has guided us throughout our history, and is one constant that will never be obsolete in an ever-evolving industry.

From Our Founders
To New Generations


Much has changed since we first opened our doors: slide rules and drafting tables have been replaced by computers, and John Read's original cramped, sublet office in Vancouver has expanded to locations in major urban centres across Canada. We’ve experienced booms, busts, celebrations and farewells. Despite all the change, our employee-owned organization has evolved with its unique culture intact. 

Visionaries setting new standards

For generations, we have nurtured people to become national and international leaders in our Practice Areas. RJC's staff are active members of local, national, and international code committees and industry associations.

We've built a legacy of pushing our practice forward and in new directions with some of the best and brightest engineers and leading technical experts in Canada. As the needs of our clients evolve, so will our practice.