INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Property Management | January 2019
Terry Bergen, CTech, CCCA, LEED® AP | Managing Principal

In a move that will hold new property constructions to more stringent energy usage guidelines, a “net-zero energy ready” building code model will also inspire new standards for building equipment and guide energy efficient improvements during retrofits and renovations.

Vancouver Sun | January 2, 2019
Kevin Griffin

The initial design for the retail pavilion more closely resembles a wooden west coast cabin with a twisting roof. And then Chip Wilson , the yoga clothing entrepreneur who started Lululemon, got involved in the project when his Low Tide Properties joined forces with PCI Developments Corp.

AZURE Magazine | December 2018
Featuring two RJC Projects: York University’s Student Centre and Seneca’s new Indigenous Centre

York University’s Student Centre: the 11,705 sq. m. structure is a modern massing of four asymmetrically stacked volumes clad in high-performance crystal-clear glazing. Seneca College’s Odeyto Indigenous Centre: the 1,800 sq.ft. facility – a renovation of and addition to an existing concrete building, features a ribbed, canoe-like structure that beckons visitors from the outside and provides a “warm, womb-like” interior.

Daily Commercial News, ConstructConnect | December 2018
Tim Van Zwol, BASc, MSc, P.Eng. | Associate

Rather than throwing away the canvas or, in this case, demolishing the building, a design team headed by RJC Engineers came you with an innovative lateral force-resisting system that enabled the courthouse to continue operating during a sequenced seismic upgrade.

Award Magazine | December 2018
Leslie Peer, PhD (Eng), P.Eng., FEC, RRC, LEED® AP O+M | Principal

When it comes to regulations, Leslie Peer, technical specialist for building science and restoration at RJC Engineers, says they are only just catching up, as technologies, systems, and our understanding of low energy and carbon neutral building design are well evolved.

Award Magazine | December 2018

As Canada’s population steadily ages, more and more effort is being made to create senior living facilities that eschew the institutionalized approach to housing and cater to specific groups with individual needs – and such is the case with the new Presentation Manor in Scarborough, Ontario.

Award Magazine | December 2018

The highly anticipated refurbishment and addition, which is now complete, is part of the hospital’s longterm plan to lead the way to a new era of modern medicine. “There’s a lot of evidence to show that a patient’s environment can have a huge impact on recovery,” says Mario Joannette, chief communications officer at Joseph Brant Hospital. “We want it to feel warm and welcoming and not add to people’s stress. We wanted to deinstitutionalize the institution.”

Award Magazine | December 2018

The redevelopment would augment several projects at the property, such as a newly opened pedestrian bridge that connects to CF Chinook Centre (the modernized food court would have direct access to this bridge, thus acting as a welcoming arrival experience for incoming shoppers).

Award Magazine | December 2018

Originally built in 1967 for the 100th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, the Brutalist-style Planetarium was in need of a renovation to bring it into compliance with current building codes, while also retaining the building as a historical statement of significance.

Daily Commercial News, ConstructConnect | December 2018
Jose Polanco, M.Sc, P. Eng., PE, LEED GA | Project Engineer

Distinguished by a “Tree of Life” roof and interior glulam beams, the lounge is a drop-in centre for both Indigenous ad non-Indigenous students and a venue for traditional ceremonies such as smudging.