Canadian Facility Management & Design, Part of the REMI network | April 2019
Duncan Rowe, BASc, MEng, P.Eng., LEED® AP BD+C | Associate/ Sustainable Design Specialist

Canada’s aggressive environmental commitments are spurring the building industry to new heights when it comes to increasing energy performance. That said, older properties, which make up a significant portion of our cities’ diverse building stock, present the greatest challenges and opportunities for owners.

Award Magazine | April 2019

The presence and feeling of space and light makes the building stand out,” says Douglas Bain of RJC Engineers. To get maximum light into the hall and give a spacious feeling, while exposing the structural components and mixed materials, Bain explains that a space frame strut and tie system was provided.

Award Magazine | April 2019

UBC, with help from a fabulous team of Perkins+Will, Bird Construction Company, RJC Engineers, Integral Group, and WSP, has once again created an innovative space to help maintain an excellent learning environment.

Award Magazine | April 2019

Among the newest additions to the U-District community is U-Five, which opened its doors to residents in September at the beginning of the 2018 school year. The building’s wood frame sits on top of a concrete parkade structure that is largely hidden within the hill on which it is built, exposed only on one side of the building at the underground parking entrance.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Condo Business | April 2019
Nigel Parker, BASc, MEng, P.Eng., LEED® AP BD+C, MCSCE | Associate

The deterioration of a podium deck typically occurs in one of two areas: on the structural elements themselves—i.e. the suspended slabs, walls, columns, etc.—or on the surface finishes. “A lot depends on the effective service life of the waterproofing system assembly below it,” says Nigel Parker of RJC Engineers.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Property Management | March 2019
Glade Schoenfeld, BASc, P.Eng., AScT, RRO, CAHP | Associate

Glade Schoenfeld, a Professional Engineer in the Building Science and Restoration Group of RJC Engineers’ Vancouver office, understands the intricacies of preserving older buildings—and can spot a “restoration fail” from a mile away.

Award Magazine | February 2019

James Munro, project engineer at RJC Engineers, notes that this complex design “provided us with a very challenging, fun project, structurally. The cantilevers and components such as the hotel half-sitting on top of the parkade required many transfer slabs and beams.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Property Management | February 2019
Paul Fritze, BASc, P.Eng. | Associate

Paul Fritze, a technical engineer and associate at RJC Engineers, is all-too familiar with the problems that can arise from deferred maintenance, neglect, or even from factors beyond an operator’s control—like staffing limitations, building restrictions or budget constraints.

Canadian Apartment Magazine, Part of the REMI network | January 2019
Michael Pond, P.Eng. | Principal

When it comes to property upgrades, few are more expensive—or more disruptive—than parking garage restorations. Michael Pond of RJC Engineers shares valuable ways to minimize mistakes when undergoing parking garage upgrades.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, Canadian Property Management | January 2019
Terry Bergen, CTech, CCCA, LEED® AP | Managing Principal

In a move that will hold new property constructions to more stringent energy usage guidelines, a “net-zero energy ready” building code model will also inspire new standards for building equipment and guide energy efficient improvements during retrofits and renovations.