Alberta Condo Connections | Fall 2022
Stacey McDougall, P.Tech.(Eng.), LEED AP BD+C, NCSO | Technologist

Balconies are a feature of many condominiums. Balconies are typically constructed of wood or concrete, and the structure is often covered with a protective membrane. It is important to understand how balcony protection works to understand how to care for it and when to report concerns to the condominium board.

Daily Commercial News by ConstructConnect | September 2022
Michael Park, CET, CAHP, BSS | Regional Manager, Principal

One of the most historic buildings in Kingston, Ont. is undergoing a top-to-bottom $950,000 restoration. The Bishop’s House project includes the installation of both a new copper mansard roof and a new EPDM one, restoration of the cornice below, the refurbishment of 26 windows and the replacement of seven others, wholesale masonry repointing and some stone replacements.

Canadian Property Management | August 2022
Kevin Zwaagstra, BSc, P.Eng. | Project Engineer

“All sites today must be designed for seismic loads,” confirms Kevin Zwaagstra, project engineer with RJC’s structural group in Calgary, a city often considered to be a low-seismic area. “The misconception about zones likely stems from older building codes that used to specify regions according to the prevalence of earthquakes. For instance, buildings in ‘Zone 0’ did not need to be designed for seismic loads, unlike the way it is today.” 

Canadian Property Management | July 2022
Wendy Macdonald, PENG, LEED AP:BD+C, ENV SP | Sustainability Consultant

Broadly speaking, the term ‘net zero’ refers to any time the same amount of something is produced as removed or expended. In the building sector, we often hear “net-zero” used in connection with energy or carbon—two words that are not interchangeable but commonly misused as such. Wendy Macdonald, Sustainability Consultant at RJC Engineers, is on a mission to help clear up some of the confusion around these terms, given the urgency building owners are now facing to join this all-important movement.

Condo Business | June 2022
Terry Bergen, CTech, CCCA, LEED® AP, CPHC | Managing Principal

Climate change is a hot topic right now – literally. As governments globally continue to recognize and discuss addressing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, individuals are considering their personal impact on the environment.

Award Magazine | June 2022
Enzo Vercillo, BSc, P.Eng., LEED® AP | Principal

Just as death and taxes are inevitable, so too is the damage water ingress causes over time to even the most resilient structures. And from an engineering viewpoint, it is something that warrants constant attention.

GeoSolv Design/Build | June 1, 2022
Andrew Bayne, BESc, BSc, P.Eng., LEED® AP | Principal

In the tremendously busy Greater Toronto Area construction industry, design consultants are often asked to provide design proposals in short order for developments that are based on limited information, minimal reporting, and only a handful of vague assumptions, ahead of ever being able to get their feet wet in the schematic design phase of the project.   

Canadian Apartment Magazine | May 2022

Canada’s apartment sector has come a long way in terms of sustainable design and construction. With large commercial buildings now accounting for 13 per cent of Canada’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, developers and owners are seeking ways to lower their carbon footprint and build healthy, resilient, cost-effective structures that decrease the negative impacts on the environment.

SABMag | Summer 2022

This 5,800 m2, five-storey, 145-unit mass timber structure was first occupied by 300 athletes who attended the Canada Winter Games in 2019. However, the long-term purpose of the building was always to house Red Deer Polytechnic’s growing student population.

The How of Wow - APEGA | May 2022
Geoff Kallweit, BSc, P.Eng. | Associate

Setting foot on the Columbia Icefield Skywalk answers a simple but extraordinary question: What if you could do more than look at a landscape — what if you could become part of it? Standing on the glass walkway 280m above the Sunwapta Valley floor, the bracing winds, roaring waterfalls, and towering mountain spires grip the senses and ignite the imagination.