Brian Reed

MAL, CPHR | Human Resources Leader, Associate

Brian is an accomplished human resource professional with an extensive background in the public and private sectors across the airline, hospitality, and engineering industries. He has a wealth of experience in managing human resource operations within companies undergoing substantial growth and organizational restructuring. Brian is vital to the Corporate Services Team, overseeing all human resource operations at RJC.

Brian's primary focus is cultivating progressive and innovative human resources strategies, initiatives, and programs to build upon the distinctive organizational culture of RJC and position the company as an employer of choice. Brian has notable expertise in strategic planning, performance management, employee benefits, diversity and belonging, compensation, and coaching. However, his inherent talent for being a trusted advisor and leader distinguishes him. Brian supports RJC’s executives and senior leadership in strategy, talent, and leadership development. Brian is well-known for his impact-driven and pragmatic approach to human resource leadership, underscored by his progressive experience.

Brian has earned a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC, and has a Bachelors in Human Resources from the University of Saskatchewan. Actively engaged in the human resources community, Brian holds the Certified Professional Human Resources (CPHR) designation and maintains good standing as a member of the Alberta Human Resources Institute of Alberta. Brian also serves as a Director on the Engineering Human Resource Association Board.

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