Cave and Basin National Historic Site Renewal

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Commemorating the birthplace of Canada’s National Park system, which began in 1885, Parks Canada proposed to undertake a major renewal project for the Cave and Basin National Historic Site in Banff National Park.

The project involved the rehabilitation and renovation of the historic bathing pavilion as well as improvements to the entry pathway and interpretive exhibits.

The intent of the project was to enhance the visitor experience and ensure the continued protection of the cultural and ecological elements at the site.

As part of the project team, RJC completed a structural assessment and repair of the original concrete and rundle stone building, built in 1914.

A new 2-storey multi-purpose building was also designed, using engineered wood products to support natural rundle stone veneer.

Working closely with the design team, RJC helped to resolve the complex set of challenges presented by the site’s historical context and unique ecological considerations, in order to create a renewed world class visitor experience.

Project Specifications

Banff, AB

Building Structure Type

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

NORR Architects Engineers Planners

Hurst Construction / Oskar Construction

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