River City Phase 4 - Harris Square

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The final phase of the River City development, Harris Square, is a 13-storey condominium with 155 units.

The unique geometry of this building has a moving line of exterior cladding and 3m deep balconies.To achieve this, columns were set back 3m from the slab edge so that columns remained hidden inside the building and the slab was thickened to 300mm to achieve the cantilever.

Some localized post-tensioning was used at the corners to control deflection.

The site has a small footprint so the solution was to span up to 9m from the central core to the perimeter with no intermediate columns and largely avoid column transfers.

This is a very cost-effective structure with a flat slab soffit and permits repetition of the formwork despite the slab edge moving in or out on any side by up to 3m.The building is lifted at ground level with a double storey height and a sculpted ceiling that uses a miscellaneous steel substructure to frame the overall shape and provide views to Lawren-Harris Square and Underpass Park.

The project is targeting LEED Gold.

Project Specifications

Toronto, ON

Building Structure Type

Urban Capital

ZAS Architects / Saucier + Perrotte Architects

Bluescape Construction Management

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