Sambro Island Lighthouse Restoration

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The Sambro Island Lighthouse has been a beacon of safety to ships entering the Halifax Harbour for 257 years.

Commissioned for construction by the Nova Scotia House of Assembly in 1758, it is the oldest standing and operating lighthouse in the Americas.

Its ongoing and continued presence as an operational wayfaring monument is one of significance to our national heritage as well as our seafaring cultural identity.

Although a number of restoration projects have been commissioned over the last 30 years, neglect and exposure to the salt laden waters left the structure susceptible to moisture and corrosion related damage.

RJC was engaged to assess and identify the required repairs and safeguard strategies to address moisture and corrosion related issues, including carbonation and ASR attack, so as to extend the operational life span of the lighthouse.The $1.3M restoration project included cleaning and repair of the structure’s stonework, interior walls and steps, windows and foundation.

The aluminum components in the lantern were stripped, re-coated and re-glazed and the exterior shingles were cleaned, repaired and re-painted with the classic red-and-white paint scheme.

Project Specifications

Sambro Island, NS

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Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

Taylor Hazell Architects

Quinan Construction

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