RJC Engineers | Building Science & Restoration Conference 2022


RJC Engineers held their Building Science and Restoration Conference, Building Fix in the 6ix, in Toronto October 14 – 15. With more than 280 attendees, the Conference is the largest in Canada dedicated to building science and restoration.

The Conference featured a wide array of presentations from industry-leading professionals, including prime consulting, resilient design, façade consulting, and retrofits. There were panel discussions featuring client industry specialists, a panel featuring RJC’s Building Performance group highlighted the group's expertise in building energy modelling, thermal bridging calculations, airtightness commissioning, life cycle impact, embodied carbon, and client risk assessments.

The Conference brings together building science and restoration practitioners from across RJC, from Vancouver Island to Prince Edward Island. Attendees have been with RJC for one week to 49 years, including engineers, technologists, interns, and project administrators.