Daily Commercial News | April 13, 2022
RJC Engineers wood experts discuss projects that feature interesting wood curves

People who think wood is a building material of convention, best specified for straight columns, beams and flat floor panels aligned in a regular grid are missing the boat on its broad range of possibilities. Wood and mass timber buildings with unusual geometries or sweeping curves are not only possible but are gaining a following among progressive design teams.

Concrete International | April 2022
Gold Bar Digester No. 3

The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) announced the winners of its 2021 Project Awards. Three finalists were chosen for the Project of the Year and the winner was announced at the annual awards luncheon presentation on October 12, 2021.

Award Magazine | March 2022

The Red Fish Healing Centre for Mental Health & Addiction in Coquitlam, B.C. is so much more than a treatment facility: from the site on which it stands, its design, and the artwork inside, to its technology and systems, and innovative care model, the sensitive approach taken with each and every aspect of this project has resulted in an outstanding first-ofits- kind healing centre that celebrates a highly unique model of care – one based on decades of research, experience, and expertise in treating the most complex forms of mental health and substance use relating specifically to this complex population.

Award Magazine | March 2022
Nick Trovato, BSc, MEng, P.Eng. FEC, FGC (Hon.) | Managing Principal

It’s becoming a familiar but welcome statement in construction circles, this time voiced by Nick Trovato, managing principal, RJC Engineers as it pertains to restoration work. Trovato says, “Last year was very busy despite COVID, and the same is proving true for 2022.

CISC Advantage Steel Spring 2022
Frédéric Brunet, MASc, P.Eng. | Design Engineer

Unlike Matt Humphries, who is a well-established engineer working as a principal at a major firm with several recognizable projects under his belt, the subject of this leadership profile is an example of someone earlier in the leadership curve. But while his career isn't as fully realized, Frederic Brunet is establishing himself as a future leader.

Canadian Property Management | March 2022
Nicole Babuik, BASc, P.Eng., LEED® AP | Associate

Rooftop unit (RTU) replacement projects don’t happen very often, but when they do, building owners and facility managers should know that it’s not always as simple as swapping out the old with the new. Codes, technology, and even snow load requirements can change on a regular basis — meaning, it’s good to be prepared for some variances to your original plan and footprint.

CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS - BC & Alberta's Construction Magazine | Jan-Feb 2022
Geoff Kallweit, BSc, P.Eng. | Associate

The Westbrook pedestrian bridge replacement project was initiated by the City of Calgary as part of a larger program to rebuild key pedestrian crossings in the city. The bridge sits within the context of an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) that the city developed in 2009 to shape the future direction of the Westbrook Village community.

Urban Toronto | February 28, 2022

Mass timber has become a smart choice of building material over the past few years, with its ability to be assembled in a shorter time, and its sustainability advantages over other building materials. RJC Engineers has played a role in a lot of great projects and firsts for Toronto, many with the use of mass timber.

Canadian Property Management | February 2022
Michael Fowlie, BSc, P.Eng. | Associate

When it comes to heritage buildings, even simple upgrades can bring costly surprises. Owners of heritage properties know how special these architectural time capsules are; they also know how important it is to preserve and restore them, so they’ll continue to stand the test of time. That said, heritage site renovations are no easy feat. 

Wood Design & Building | Winter 2021-22

It's good to be first. That's an accolade Surrey, BC, knows all about. The city, about 40 km southeast of Vancouver, is home to the first community centre and largest non-residential building in North America to achieve Passive House status.