Award Magazine | March 2021

With the College’s new Health Sciences Centre opening its doors this year, students now have access to a world-class learning environment to train for health-science careers.

Award Magazine | March 2021

There’s excitement in the air up at Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Burnaby campus as the first phase of an incredibly impressive fivephase campus master plan quickly heads towards completion.

Award Magazine | March 2021

When the design team of Shape Architecture and Toronto based firm Montgomery Sisam Architects sat down to envision an open-air design for the new Maple Grove Elementary School in Vancouver’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood, they were not considering a pandemic or social distancing, they were however referencing a turn of the century concept of Outdoor Schools which was prevalent in Europe in the ’30s and ’40s.

Award Magazine | March 2021

The Londonderry Affordable Housing Redevelopment in north Edmonton is a potential game-changer with regards to the way affordable housing projects are developed. It is also a visually striking solution to the outdated residences that once occupied the City of Edmonton-owned site.

Award Magazine | March 2021

Renovation projects are usually helped along if a building has good bones, but unfortunately this was not quite the case with St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church in Vancouver. However, thanks to a team of architects, engineers, and builders working at the top of their game, the church now represents what its original designers had envisioned generations ago.

Canadian Property Management | February 2021
Colin Tougas, MEng, RRO, P.Eng. | Project Engineer

Green roofs are nothing new; however, their potential has greatly surpassed what it used to be when they first emerged from Europe as an effective means for energy conservation.

Design Quarterly | February 2021
Meredith Anderson, P.Eng. Struct.Eng., MSCE | Associate

Vancouver's new Fire Hall 17 reflects the city’s design challenge to build a structure that meets the design certification requirements of the Canada Green Building Council’s Zero Carbon Building Program, one of 16 such pilot projects in Canada.

Canadian Facility Management & Design | December 2020
Frank Cavaliere, BSc, P.Eng., LEED® AP, FEC, Parksmart Advisor | Managing Principal

The world is rapidly changing, and so is the automotive industry. Around the globe we are seeing fewer outdated gas guzzlers, proven to pollute the air and contribute to global warming, in favour of smarter, cleaner passenger vehicles that run on renewable power systems. 

Award Magazine | December 2020

The community of Fort McKay is set to become home to a new fire hall, one that has not only been developed for the community, but by the community as well.

Construction Canada | December 2020
James Cooper, P.Eng., LEED® AP O+M | Principal

Podium (plaza) decks are structural slabs that extend beyond an above-grade building footprint and serve as roof slabs for below-grade levels. Often hidden by hard and soft landscaping finishes, these structural slabs can be forgotten and overlooked due to the relatively long service life of their protective waterproofing systems.