Passive House Canada | Oct 31, 2022

This month, we spotlight a group of RJC Engineers employees and Passive House Canada members who are passionately committed to high performance buildings.

  • Terry Bergen, Managing Principal: 27 + years with RJC, Passive House Canada member for 5 years
  • Tiffany Sun Dela Cruz, Project Engineer: 4.5 years with RJC; PHC member for 4 months
  • Brandon Gemme, Project Engineer: 4 years with RJC; received CPHD designation in April 2021
  • Sameer Hasham, Project Engineer: 12+ years with RJC, PHC member for 3 years
  • Leslie Peer, Principal: 24 years with RJC; PHC member since 2017
  • Maddie Reid, Project Engineer:  5 years with RJC; PHC member for 2 years
  • Duncan Rowe, Principal: 15 years with RJC; PHC member since 2018

What makes RJC a unique firm?

Maddie: A very unique thing that I’ve noticed about the culture at RJC is that there’s a celebrated entrepreneurial mindset – if you can dream it, you can do it. It sounds cheesy but it allows RJC to offer solutions to challenges that clients wouldn’t know where else to go to solve. As the PH standard is adopted across Canada, especially in colder climate zones, we will be able to keep up with all the new and unique challenges that are sure to arise.

Samir: We have a vast technical experience and expertise with all facets of buildings be it from new construction to existing buildings, or single family homes to large institutional buildings.  Our technical teams on structural, building science and building performance work in harmony to deliver high performance buildings

Terry: Our building science/enclosure and structural practices are ideally aligned with Passive House principles.  High performance enclosures with negligible thermal bridging are our DNA.  When considering the overwhelming importance of the embodied carbon footprint of a high performance building, our expertise in designing efficient structures is the foundation of a holistic approach to low kW·h/yr + kg CO₂/m² buildings.

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