Project Engineer

Nik is passionate about preserving and restoring heritage structures. His Masters of Engineering included a specialization in historic structures and their rehabilitation. He continues to advance his knowledge of best practices in heritage, applying his skill to heritage projects, including Calgary’s prominent City Hall. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals, the Association of Preservation Technology International and Chair of the Board of Directors for Heritage Calgary.

Senior Building Performance Engineer

Nationally sought for his deep knowledge of building performance, specifically for designing high performance buildings aligned with contemporary energy standards, Mohammad is a leader in building energy modelling. Building Energy Modelling is a versatile, multipurpose tool that can aid in design-stage decision-making, to show code compliance, to achieve green building certification and to help inform policy and code development. Mohammad's leadership has furthered RJC's Building Energy Modelling practice across Canada.

Construction Services Coordinator

Dustin works closely with contractors to offer RJC's construction engineering services, such as formwork and false-work, shoring and reshoring, load reviews, coring/opening reviews, planning/value engineering for project scheduling, structural assessment/upgrading for additional loads, on site Quality Assurance services, etc. He also manages a group of talented field representatives who work with owners, architects and contractors to review that what is constructed meets the intent of the engineering design. An active volunteer and vested in the industry, Dustin is a well-known and valued member of the construction industry.